Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama/Bartlet '08

I think many of us have imagined this meeting of the minds, but I do think it kind of falls flat. I thought Bartlet would be more helpful and encouraging of Obama. Sigh.

Barack Obama meets Josiah Bartlet


AGW said...

P.S. It has always bothered me that Bartlet spells his name Bartlet and not Bartlett. Anyone else?

Kara said...

I think Bartlet is saying just what he should say, I think the best part is the "break's over." not to say there weren't several peaks to that dialogue. as for the missing second t, i concure.

AGW said...

Yeah...I guess I expected that when they got together, there would be some real synergy...instead it was just plain old teacher-student dialogue. Oh well.

I'm glad someone agrees about the t!